Quesnel County Country Punk Conspiracy (2005)

by Joey Only Outlaw Band

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This record is the brainchild of my friend Jesse Matthies and myself. He brought me up to Quesnel BC in 2005 where we had a show with the Tupps, the Taberfucks, the Effigy and the Hippiecritz. It was a great time and many involved began a lifelong friendship that day. The album was originally a split between myself and Quesnel punk band the Effigy...I have no included the Effigy's songs on bandcamp.

Six songs were me, six songs were us together and six songs were the Effigy. So here's my 11 songs that contributed to the split...it's old but it's pretty cool! After all, all of this led me to living in this lovely Cariboo Region.


released May 19, 2016



all rights reserved


Joey Only Outlaw Band Wells, British Columbia


In 15 years of doing the 'Joey Only' folk act he's played more than 1500 shows in every province of Canada. He's played with top acts like Buffy St. Marie, 3 Doors Down, Gord Downie and regularly headlines festivals in western Canada. The Outlaw Band is based in BC's Cariboo Region and is best witnessed at the Artswells Festival. ... more

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Track Name: No Glamrock Country Star
They called me a criminal, they called me degenerate,
I got the no chart blues, cause I aint wrote no hits,
I'll sing the truest country songs ever sung by an anarchist,
only Joey and his guitar and, he likes it like this.
Track Name: Whose Welfare
If you're poor and cold and homeless they will come, they will come
if you're poor and cold and homeless they will come, they will come,
they'll kick you off the sidewalk and say that you're bad for business,
they'll kick you off the sidewalk when they come.
Track Name: On Trial in Montreal
They said I smashed a Ferrari at,
a demonstration hosted by La CLAC,
it doesn't matter if I did that,
they locked me up and forgot the facts.

I'ze just sittin, at Greenspot Restaraunt,
with some comrades, the best ones that I got,
the place was surrounded, by a dozen cops,
with nowhere to go, so I was caught.
Track Name: Slide In
Up in my room above the Bourban Street cafe,
I hear my neighbours fighting the night hours away,
in my sleep I cross the street,
with a step ladder going through their open window.

And I slide in, slide in, slide in, slide in.
Track Name: Spiderland Punkfest
Way out yonder on the Shannick road,
out in the township of Marmora,
was a little farm called Spiderland
the favorite venue for a punk rock band.

The punk rockers came from all around,
they turned that forest to a camp ground,
they built an amphitheatre in the back 40,
the rest of it's all history.

It was that Spiderland, Punkfest,
heaviest show you could find,
that Spiderland, Punkfest,
a time for the beer and the wine,
a time to get drunk and get high

Old Spider grew, became an old man,
retired to the swamps of Marmora,
called all his friends who were in punk bands
said my 'parties are the loudest in the universe man'

the french punx came with lots of drugs
we had to fight some locals
we just passed joints to the friendly ones
come on over and lets share some.

At Dave's chip truck and the tattoo shop
you could hear the bands rock
a 3 day party under neath the stars,
away from the cities and away from the cars

anarchy alley was the back woods trail,
we tripped, stumbled and we fell,
take me back to the day when the living was right,
come on over big party tonight

the township tried to shut it down
the OPP patrolled
they said at a meeting in the nearest town
for too many years this has gone down.
Track Name: Learn'n to Live
It's hard to find the kind of peace of mind I wanted,
and if you got a hold of it, don't strangle it,
once you fuck up the anxiety is tension in your chest,
you'll just have to take a deep breath and get over it.

You got to learn to live with it,
you got to learn to abide,
in this life, you roll the dice,
you're in it just for the ride,
all that matters is that we are here.