No More Trouble in the Peace (2016)

by Joey Only Outlaw Band

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BEER LEAGUE: I wrote this hot number while playing for the Nanton Big Dog Plumbing hockey club over in Alberta. In those days they were terrible and I was worse. Problem was I was the youngest swinging dink on the team and expectations were pretty high that I oughta skate as fast as them. Unfortunately that never happened. Now we all play on the lake up here in our Cariboo Mountain town, nobody has yet to lose a tooth and we're all still friends.

NO MORE TROUBLE IN THE PEACE: Hey you frackin frackers, youse caint have any of my buddies farms no more to put your silly machines on. This song is partly dedicated to Peter Von Tiesenhausen who successfully patented his farm as an art installation. Now the oil and gas people can only dream of drilling there. They wanna put a pipeline through my one friends family farm and another friends property is under flood watch due to the construction of an impending dam called the Site C. I wrote this satirical song while living at Karl Mattson's farm based on his movie Trouble in the Peace. Anyway, I'm not here to judge, but I am here to say someday there will be no trouble in the peace.

NORTH OF SEVEN: You always hate to have an ideal and nostalgic picture in your mind of your hometown, but then you come back to the bugger and you barely recognize anyone or anything anymore. Luckily my eastern Ontario hometown hasn't changed too much, just enough to irritate me. But there's basically a wilderness of swamp across the road from mom's house. The bugs in there will partnear carry ye off to suck ye empty. What I like about the ferocity of them miserable bugs is that nobody else wants to go out those parts much less live in such swamps. For that reason she'll always be good and wild when we're looking that direction. At least that much will never change even if everything else south of us does.

WALKER ROCK: You can guaranfuckintee that when the shit hits the fan it'll be the last time any of you ever see me again. Once the robots start the nuclear war it'll pretty much be the last straw, there won't be any reason left for me to go to town. I'm not gonna be going to downtown Vancouver to ask the Centre for Disease Control doctors why everyone is becoming a zombie and killing each other. Aliens, no fuckin way. I'm gone. If there's even one more day to live after tomorrow, I will fight like hell to have it.

NOBLE CAUSE OF THE COWBOY SOLDIER: I didn't really intend to write an anti-war song, this is something bigger than that. I really just wanted to tell the story of a good boy who felt he had to put something on the line well maybe others didn't think that was a good idea. A lot of us felt that way when we were younger, driven by passionate ideals, piss and vinegar. His mom didn't really want him getting involved all the way over there, but he did so and paid the ultimate price. I still choke up every Remembrance Day thinking about his beautiful face. Now his mom is gone to, it's a goddamn sad story. A lot of good things have been done in his memory, but I'm sure he could have done even better things himself if he were here today.

TEMPEST WIND: Tempest Grace Gale was one of the most amazing young women I ever met. She was this steampunk, hippie, artist freak who was part of our arts and music scene. I first met her when she was a young teenager and was already quite the character. After she died it seemed like just the mention of her name would change the weather. We were singing Jeff Andrew's song he wrote for her called “I Want You To Haunt Me” at the Brandon Folk Festival years ago. Tornadoes and all hell was breaking out until we sang that song. I hear even her funeral was that way, poured rain for a week until it was time for the ceremony. She never seems that far away, but we miss her so much.

THE STOMPIN TOM STORY: If old Stampin Tam was kind enough to write the Don Messer Story then someone really oughta have made a story about old Stampin Tam from Skinners Pond. Well, I guess some people already have. I hear some of those songs are even better than mine and have more words. That's fine. There are better impersonators out there and there are people singing about him that knew him a lot better...and well...what does that have to do with me? I just hope we can teach the next generation the songs and stories of our people, I hope that 50 years from now they will still be talking about Stompin Tom.

COLD WOODEN BOX: I have to say the last two years brought an unprecedented wave of death and loss to our lives. Some people went down who we just couldn't imagine going through the rest of our lives without them. All we can do with the knowledge of our fragility is try to accomplish as much as we can. Take nothing for granted. Take no one for granted. Set an achievable goal and move heaven and hell. If you meet Buddha on the road, kill him.


released July 30, 2016

Produced by Sean Scallion
Executive producer and songwriter: Joey Only

Recorded in the Cariboo 2015-2016: Camp Scallion, Shaw Cable Studios, Paradigm Horse Logging Studios, Outlaw Mountain Lodge.

Tracking/Mixing: Camp Scallion by Sean Scallion.
Head Engineer: Wesley Gregg, FBR Recording
Mastered by Ari Blitz, AfterMaster/ProMaster

Album design: Connor Kenney
Front cover photo: Jodie Ponto
Album layout: Connor Kenney
Artistic consultant: David Jacob Harder

Publicity: Joelle May, Mod May Promotions

The Joey Only Outlaw Band appearing on this album is:
Sean Scallion: percussion
Michael Mourneau: telecaster
Ed Hanrahan: double bass
Jeff Andrew: fiddle
Adam Farnsworth: piano
Leah Martin: vocals
Joey Only: vocals, acoustic, pedal steel

for bookings call: 250-994-3343

THANK YOU: Our wives and families, Shaw Cable Quesnel, Wesley & Amber Greg, Gord Peters, Jasmine/Brian/Wise Hall, IMA/Artswells, Camballah Punks, Folky Strum Strum, King Crow, Occidental, MoM, Sweetwater 905, Robson Valley, Washboard Hank, Andrew Neville, John Scoles, Bobb Inn, Malcolm Maclean, Mike Dunn, !!GPS!!, NCF, David Parsons, Andy Mason, Troll Ski Resort, Canada Winter Games, CN Centre, Red Octopus Tattoo, Hippiecritz, Dave Soehner, Jamie Guitar, CFUR, Black Spruce Bog, Mattsons, McKillicans, Joel & Konny, Wells BC, Dunbars, Trotter/Wanners, Motterams, Havemans, Scallions, Mourneaus, Hanrahan's, Rebell Spell Crew, Donna, Lorees, Hootstock, Earl Krushelnicki, David Harder, Connor Kenney, Give Em Hell Boys, Boots and the Hoots, Matthew D Lee, everyone who donated, Wells, Quesnels..hail satan..sorry if we left any of you many good people have helped us.



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Joey Only Outlaw Band Wells, British Columbia


In 15 years of doing the 'Joey Only' folk act he's played more than 1500 shows in every province of Canada. He's played with top acts like Buffy St. Marie, 3 Doors Down, Gord Downie and regularly headlines festivals in western Canada. The Outlaw Band is based in BC's Cariboo Region and is best witnessed at the Artswells Festival. ... more

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